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Over three decades ago Sport Court created the backyard basketballcourt. Since that time, we have installed more than 50,000 courts worldwide and our customers use our courts for a variety of differnt sports. Our customers include both NBA coaches and players — including Shaquille O’Neal and Larry Brown. We are the largest court builder and we do our best to give you our unique hometown service. Our commitment to quality will be there until the time you get your indoor or outdoor court. We promise to come in first place — a promise that allows us to be the leader in both the servicing and installation of our modular sports flooring. That’s who we are at Sport Court of Montanta.

Jason Lindseth

Jason Lindseth is an owner of Sport Court Montana. Born and raised here in Great Falls, MT Jason has always had a passion for building. As a student at MSU Bozeman he received a degree in Construction Engineering and met his wife Kelly. His career path took him to Minnesota as a home builder and remodeler. Jason always wanted to someday return to his roots in Great Falls. He did exactly that in 2008. That is when Rocky Mountain Hardscapes was formed. Now in 2019 Jason has over 20 years of carpentry experience and over 15 years of hardscaping experience. Jason has continued his education by receiving certifications as a paver installer by ICPI and in segmental retaining walls by NCMA. The ability to design and construct complete outdoor living spaces sets Jason and his company apart from others. When he is not working he can be found traveling the state watching his son (Brendan) and daughter (Lauren) play sports for CMR.


Brian Bergan


Brian Bergan is an owner of Sport Court of Montana. Brian started working in the landscaping industry in Minnesota over 25 years ago. While attending college Brian always spent his summers returning to the landscaping profession. Brian and Tiffany were proposed an idea of building something new in the state Montana. The idea of creating outdoor living spaces in the State of Montana seemed like a perfect fit. Now 11 years later Brian has used his paver and retaining wall certifications to install hundreds of outdoor living spaces throughout the State of Montana. Great Falls is not only home to Brian and Tiffany, but also their 3 children (Bella 7) ( Ashton 5) (Mason 5).

Cody Cornelius

Cody Cornelius has been with Rocky Mountain Hardscapes for 3 years now. He has been in the industry for over 10 years now. He has a background in landscaping but found out hardscaping was something he felt passionate about.  Cody is a certified paver installer and one of our Field Managers. Cody has the ability and personal drive to build our clients dreams. Cody and our clients get great satisfaction seeing the completed project. When he is not creating outdoor living spaces Cody enjoys playing basketball and spending time outdoors with his wife Ashley and their dogs.

James (JB) Anderson

James (JB) Anderson has been with Rocky Mountain Hardscapes for over 5 years now. His journey has taken him from being a client to being a valuable employee. JB enjoys complementing many of our hardscape projects with: lighting, water features, pergolas and decks. JB also enjoys creating indoor and outdoor sport courts for our clients. JB also has paver certifications and the ability to lead a crew. When he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his 4 sons and watching Nascar.

Brennan Freeman

Brennan Freeman has been with us for 3 years now. Brennan has been in the landscaping industry for over 7 years now. Brennan received his paver installer certification and uses that knowledge every day. Brennan has an eye for detail and will lead a crew on our paver and wall projects. Brennan enjoys going to a clients home and taking what sometimes is a blank slate and creating a useful and beautiful outdoor living space. He enjoys the outdoors, so it has been a natural fit for him to create these outdoor rooms. Brennan on his time off likes to take his motorcycle for a ride (weather permitting) and explore this State.

Robin Becker

Robin Becker has 40 years in the carpentry industry. Robin has learned many facets in the construction industry through all this experience. He works for Rocky Mountain Hardscapes as a Master Carpenter. This title has been earned and has proved invaluable in the Hardscape Industry. We have been able to grow in this area because Robin can lead a crew in: decks, pergolas and fencing. As well as hardscaping projects Robin has helped us grow year-round into a full- scale new construction and remodeling company. 

Korey O'Donnell

Korey O’Donnell is a new employee of Rocky Mountain Hardscapes. This is his first year with the company. He has been in the construction trade for over 10 years. He has experience in commercial and residential construction. He grew up never thinking he could handle sitting behind a desk. He always had the desire to get out and build something. As Rocky Mountain Hardscapes workload has increased over the years the need for good employees has grown. Rocky Mountain Hardscapes is proud to add Korey to our carpentry crew. Korey believes that the indoor and outdoor work that Rocky Mountain Hardscapes has been doing over the last 10 years is something that will keep his building passion alive.

Josh VanGunten

Josh VanGunten has been working as a tile setter and stone mason for over 15 years. In the last year Josh has been hired by Rocky Mountain Hardscapes to lead a crew in his field. This expertise has allowed Rocky Mountain Hardscapes to expand their scope of work. Not only can we sell stone and tile but we have an experienced and very talented installer as well. We have known of and admired Josh’s attention to detail in his work for years. We are excited to be able to call his work our own. Josh’s reputation of being one of the best in his field is a great addition to our company. Josh is passionate about his work and his family. Josh is married and has 3 kids that fill his free time.

Kelly Lindseth

Kelly Lindseth is not only Jason’s wife but also has been working for Rocky Mountain Hardscapes for 10 years. She has enjoyed watching the company grow from 2 or 3 employees to over 20 in the summer. She has been with the company as they not only have grown but also expanded into their newest location. The new location has a retail yard open 6 days a week for contractors as well as DIYer’s. Her expertise has been crucial for this expansion. When she is not managing all her clerical duties she too enjoys watching her kids grow in the Treasure State.

John Camp

John Camp has been with Rocky Mountain Hardscapes for 3 years now. He has helped Rocky Mountain Hardscapes grow their retail yard in Great Falls. He has been instrumental in servicing our clients for years now. John has the new title of Outdoor Sales Manager. John’s outreach to current and future clients will be his primary focus. His talents of developing and maintaining these customer relations is what sets him and us apart. John and our company will travel locally and throughout Montana to ensure our clients get the information and customer service they deserve. John on his free time enjoys many things including golfing and spending time with his wife Donna.

Tassie Spragg

Tassie Spragg has been recently hired for Retail Sales Manager. Rocky Mountain Hardscapes has hired Tassie with her 25+ years in the construction industry. This experience will be needed as Rocky Mountain Hardscape Supply continues to grow. Tassie comes to us with knowledge of running a successful retail yard. Tassie is known for having unbelievable relationships with her customers. Tassie and Rocky Mountain Hardscapes is excited for her to build new relationships and nurture their old ones. Tassie enjoys traveling throughout Montana visiting her 3 children.